13-16 June 2024

The 1930s Again?

Are we experiencing a disconcerting re-run of the 1930s with economic uncertainty, the rise of nationalism and populism, and a new arms race? Taken together with the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis, compounded by the COVID-19 pandemic, resulting in a widening wealth gap, and heightened financial fragility, these factors are helping to foster an atmosphere of unease and unpredictability. Populist movements have gained traction as have protectionist policies and inward-looking ideologies. On top of this, we have heightened geo-political tensions with little fires everywhere. Could there be welcome aspects of this flux, with the emergence of something positive, innovations like FDR’s New Deal for example? Are we on the cusp of something- a rerun of the 1930s?

Katja Hoyer, Peter Frankopan, Fred Studemann, with Colm O’Regan